Hello! How are you today? Doing well, I hope…. Let’s get to it.

The Audiovisualist is a podcast about the creation and implementation of audiovisual art, design and technology all around us. Hosted by myself, Jeffrey Shoup, this podcast attempts explore topics in and around the process of making these experiences. As a filmmaker, audio engineer, designer, photographer, programmer myself, it is safe to say I am a bit of a generalist. I have always enjoyed learning new software, other techniques, honing workflows. I am here to lean more and share what I know and learn along the way. The Audiovisualist is for folks who are interested learning more about all the things.

This podcast is not a deep dive into one topic or one piece of software. Rather, it aims to focus on the topics, workflows and process of making audiovisual things. Whether you are a school teacher, student, or seasoned professional, I hope there is something here for everyone looking to learn more about the audiovisual world around us.